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Saturday 21 September 2019

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In 2012 there was a need to found the Bolca Potato Association, in order to protect the local product with detailed specifications contained in the Statute and Regulations approved by the shareholders, which permit to establish clear rules for the production and sale, without falsifications, of the typical Bolca potatoes.

The Bolca Potato Association consists of 20 founding members and other shareholders who join the original group. Its members include potato producers, retailers, restaurateurs, and supporters who share the goals and initiatives of the Association. It aims to promote, increase the value, and diffuse the production of Bolca potatoes, which are considered a high-quality product because of being grown on rich in minerals volcanic soil and in a very favorable for this type of production climate. For this purpose, the pertaining to Bolca potatoes cultivation territory has been defined.

The Association elected the board of directors which, in its due turn, elected Remo Zanderigo as the president of the Association and Giulia Ramponi as the secretary. There are 3 auditors, and the technician of the Association is an agricultural expert Vanni Stanghellini, who has also conducted training courses for producers.

The Association aims to create a register of land planted with potatoes; to organize events for the promotion and sale of the product; to take care of the educational and informational aspects in the region; and, most of all, to increase production, in accordance with the parameters of cultivation indicated in the Statute and Regulations of the Association, in order to satisfy the increasing number of purchase requests by customers of the Alpone Valley and the provinces of Verona and, in part, of Vicenza.

On the second Sunday of September 2011, 2012, and 2013, the Bolca Potato Festival was organized. It included a conference, an exhibition and sales of local products, as well as tasting of various kinds of food made with Bolca potatoes. On these occasions, the Bolca potatoes, considered very fine, had a great success among fans and tourists who visit the popular resort of fossilized remains.

The Association has created its own, registered and officially recognized brand. The use of it is now subject to the “Regulation of Use of the Collective Trademark of Quality”.

Finally, it should be noted that the Bolca potatoes, by a decree of June 12, 2013 n. 52, published in the Official Gazette on Tuesday, June 25, 2013, were included in the national list of traditional agri-food products.

In order to acquaint our visitors with both the cultivation areas of Bolca potatoes and the beauty of the upper Alpone Valley a "Walk through the Blooming Potato Fields" is organized in the month of June.

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