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Saturday 21 September 2019

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Villa Canestrari was founded in the 1990s by the Bonuzzi and Franchi families, each with a winegrowing tradition dating back more than 120 years. The fourth generation is represented by Francesco Bonuzzi, who currently heads the company together with his mother, Adriana Franchi.
“Villa Canestrari” is the symbol and leading brand of a new production philosophy that aims at quality and respect for the typical features of the land.
The estate’s vineyards are situated to the east of Verona, in the Illasi Valley, between Colognola ai Colli and Illasi. The approximately twenty hectares of land has excellent exposure to the sun, and is partly cultivated according to the Guyot method and partly Veronese terraced. The soils are varied, alluvial-calcareous, somewhat gravelly and have a volcanic substrate, some of which is detritus and some calcareous marine rocks. Thanks to the region’s different soils and microclimates, each product bears all the typical characteristics of the production area.
The winery is located in Colognola ai Colli, where each step of the production process is carefully monitored, from harvesting through to refining and bottling, in order to ensure the highest quality of the wines.
In Illasi, above the refining cellar of the actual Villa Canestrari, a Wine Museum has been set up to celebrate the work of four generations of winemakers, and also to show younger visitors the demanding but fascinating working life of our grandparents and great-grandparents. The old "grain loft”, where the grapes for Recioto production used to be left to dry has been converted into a conference hall and classroom, where wine-tasting courses and theme evenings are organised to explore the various aspects of wine and to discuss flavours, bouquets, aftertastes and food pairings.

The Wine Museum, in Via Castello 20 - Illasi - was set up to celebrate the work of four generations of winemakers,
and to show to the visitors the demanding but still fascinating working life of our grandparents and great-grandparents. The Museum is located in Illasi, in the spectacular setting of the Illasi Valley, surrounded by vineyards and cherry-threes!
During the tour people are guided through a collection of mechanical equipments dating back to the beginning of the 20th century; a room recreating an old office with early 20th century office furniture and ledgers; a stone cellar where our Amarone Riserva ages in small wooden barrels;
a laboratory with an original collection of ancient wine-analysis instruments and the former grape “drying loft” which has been converted into a conference hall, where wine-tasting courses and theme evenings are held.

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 For informations
     CANTINA: Via Dante Broglio, 2 - 37030 Colognola ai Colli (Verona)
     MUSEO DEL VINO: Via Castello, 20 - Illasi (Verona)
     Tel: 045 7650074
     Fax: 045 6170120

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